Saturday, May 26, 2012

To My Dearest Blog Stalkers, 

I'm on a plane to Peru right now! You of course will read this after I land, but still it's worth noting. What I also think is worth noting is the fact that I have never had to go to the bathroom this badly in my  entire life. Well, maybe once or twice before. The plane captains wouldn't let us get up for forever because there were thunderstorms, and once they finally turned off the fasten seatbelt lights, it seems like the whole plane decided to rush the bathroom. I must not be the only one who drank too much diet coke and coffee before I got on. I could just get up and wait, but I feel that that would be more painful than sitting and waiting. It seriously is painful once you get to a certain point of having use the restroom. But enough about that...

So, what am I doing going back to Peru?  Let me tell you-more of the same. Baby loving. English teaching. Friend making. Possibly interesting food eating, although I'm not sure my stomach will be able to handle the meat since I haven't eaten meat in a pretty long time. And, one of the things I'm most excited about: wedding going! 

Yup you heard me, I'm going to a Peruvian wedding! Lidia's sister is getting married!!! The wedding just happens to be the day after I arrive!

Side note, the guy beside me has spent the whole time drawing Lewis dot structures...I'm guessing he is super smart. Be right back, I'm going to go brave the bathroom!

Ok, so I'm back. I feel wonderful. Who knew a bathroom could be a lifesaver. I did have a moment when I thought I might be sucked down by the toilet. They don't just let all that drop out of the plane right? That would be a rude awakening when your driving. You might actually be thankful it is just a bird pooping on your windshield if you got a window full of stuff from an airplane. 

Too much information? Sorry...I'll stop. 

On another side note, when I got back from the bathroom, the guy I mentioned before, you know the really smart one, had put up the arm rest. I actually like arm rests; they put up a barrier that says "this is my territory, come a centimeter over onto my side and I have full rights to kick you (on 'accident' of course)." Ah well, personal space in Peru isn't given very much thought. I guess I should look at this as a blessing...ease my way into bing prodded and poked by my neighbor's eight bags on the 45-minute-on-a-good-day ride up to Pachacutec.

Lots of love from Peru ( or I guess from the sky's above who knows where)

Love your american,southern, attracts every Peruvian man's attention with her blond hair, super excited to eat potatoes and rice for every meal, positively ecstatic to throw away all her toilet paper in the trash, desperate to see her little naylee and jony, a bit bored of this flight and wondering how she will ever sit through a flight to the land of the kiwis, cookie not biscuit eating, Jesus loving, quite forgetful when it comes to names, cuey and cow heart on a stick eating  before she stopped eating meat) C.S Lewis, hunger games, and harry potter obsessed, oxford comma using,  and not tired because she had a large coffee friend, daughter, granddaughter, former nanny, acquaintance, sister, cousin, and whatever else I may be to you, 

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